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Creating Synergy by Design...

We offer graphic design services for all your promotional needs. We design Logos, Logo Reconstruction, Brochures & Pamphlets, Magazine Ads, Newspaper Ads, Yellow page Ads, Flyers, Magazine Covers, Catalogues, Calendars, Business Cards, Letterheads, Product Packages, Posters, Photo Restoration... see more.

The purpose of advertising is to sell a product, service or an idea. An Advertising campaign can increase business providing that the approach and elements are appropriate. We offer fresh creative ideas. We translate the technical aspects of your business into a language that reaches your market; with copy that is clever, clean, believable and to-the-point enhancing your message with design that is strikingly unique.


  • Stock Photos / ImagesOpen or Close

    Q: Do you provide stock photos and images?

    A: Clients are required to provide photos or images for use with design. However we do source and provide stock photos/images for an additional fee.

  • PrintingOpen or Close

    Q: Do you provide printing services?

    A: No we offer design services only.

  • FilesOpen or Close

    Q: How do we receive the files to take to a printery?

    A: Files can be emailed, uploaded or burnt to a disc and delivered.

  • Delivery FeeOpen or Close

    Q: Is there a delivery fee if a disc is required?

    A: Yes delivery fees do apply and varies based on location.

  • Working filesOpen or Close

    Q: Do we get the working files when the project is completed?

    A: No our standard rates entitles you to a final flatened print ready file, however you may purchase the working files at an agreed price. We reserve the right to decline all offers to purchase.

  • NewsletterOpen or Close

    Q: If I have an existing newsletter can we contract you for maintenance?

    A: Yes we can maintain, redesign or create your newsletter from scratch.

    Q: Do you only design Newsletters for Print?

    A: No we also do HTML Newsletter layouts and we can setup and manage your MailChimp Newsletter.

  • RatesOpen or Close

    Q: Do you charge a flat fee or hourly rates?

    A: We offer both flat and hourly rates. The client decides which is most suitable for their budget.

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